Thursday, April 26, 2012

700 posts later ... Gingrich!

This is it, my 700th post since beginning this blog in October 2008. Cue the balloons, the confetti, the band, etc., etc. Whoopee!

What to opine about ... how about Newt Gingrich dropping out of the Republican presidential race? Gingrich is reported ready to endorse Mitt Romney, who has the nomination sewn up. The Gingrich campaign has been entertaining, but its most distinctive attribute has been its destructiveness. Recent news reports say Gingrich's ambition to be president has ruined what had been some very lucrative business ventures. Gingrich had made millions in consulting work, lobbying (though he claimed he was merely advising in his role as a historian) and speechmaking. Now all of that appears to be turned to ashes, along with his presidential ambitions.

The question now is whether his campaign's destructiveness will extend to the Republican Party's chances in the fall. Gingrich on occasion (such as the South Carolina primary) gave avid GOP conservatives the red meat of anger and hatred they craved, but his histrionics will not play well with a national audience. If he gets a large role in the Romney campaign, he will do more harm than good to the GOP nominee. If Romney is smart (and he probably is smart enough), he'll keep Gingrich and his volatility off the stage in the general election.

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