Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Persistence in blogging

I've never made any money from writing a blog (it still amazes me that some people do!), and I've attracted only a few "followers," but I felt a bit of encouragement recently when I checked on the blogs I had been following. With the exception of what you might call "national" blogs affiliated with major websites, none of the blogs I had been following were active. The last post for one was nearly a year ago, for another, several years ago. None of the blogs had a post less than several months old.

When I spoke at a blogging conference arranged by the N.C. Press Association several years ago, I said that the most important thing about a blog is consistency — blog every day so that your readers will always have something new to read or look at. I've fallen behind on my daily blogging, but I've rarely gone a week without a post or two. I'm keeping it going, though I often wonder why after looking at my dismal page views statistics!

I'm still blogging. Whether anyone is reading may be another matter. It seems likely that Twitter has taken the place of blogs for many people. I started this blog before Twitter heard its first tweet, and my writing habit just won't let me stop now. I've outlasted at least some of my competition.

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