Sunday, August 16, 2015

The tomato sandwich's new twist

I grew up eating tomato sandwiches every summer. They were made from tomatoes plucked from the long rows in our garden, growing from tomato plants we planted as seedlings, or from tomatoes given by neighbors and relatives who had more tomatoes than they could consume.

The tomato sandwiches in those days were made with Duke's mayonnaise on soft, white bread. At picnics, the sandwiches tended to be like mush wrapped in wax paper, as the tomato's juices leached into the white bread and made a bit of a mess. I ate them anyway.

This year, I have discovered a new twist on the tomato sandwich: the BTM sandwich — that's basil tomato and mozzarella sandwich, and now it's on wheat bread slathered with Hellman's mayonnaise. I love the combination of tomato and basil, and the mozzarella adds a bit of protein and interest to the sandwich. With a basil plant on the deck and a stash of mozzarella in the refrigerator, I am all set!

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surfsalterpath said...

Add jalapeƱos and garlic. Yum!