Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September has arrived.

This is September First. The college football season begins Thursday. The darkness at 6 a.m. and the chill in the air tells me autumn is nearly upon us.

Soon, the outdoors will beckon with crisp blue skies and colorful leaves. Fallen leaves will cover the ground, hiding the grass that didn't get mowed. Indoors, the television will bring the excitement of college football stadiums, the rivalries, the traditions, the cheers, the pure emotion of collegiate football. We will hear the mountains' siren song, and we will answer and find a lookout that stretches for miles of reds and golds beneath a blue sky. Thoughts will turn to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the planning will begin.

It is September. Summer is gone, though the autumnal equinox is not yet upon us. We know it's coming because we've seen it in the darkness and the chilled air and the turning leaves.

Enjoy it before the refreshing chill becomes a bitter cold and the blue sky turns gray.

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Debra said...

September has arrived. For me, it’s generally the best of times. I love all these things you mention here, including the cooler nights.

But now I hear that it may soon be the worst of times. We’ll see.