Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Election Day: It's one week away

Today is one week from Election Day, and I have not voted. I have never voted before Election Day. Call me Old School, but I like the idea of going to the polls along with 200 million or so other Americans and exercising my right to vote as a collective ritual.

I don't wait until Election Day because I'm undecided. I'm usually off the "undecided" list at least a month before the election. I don't wait to see if there is some "October Surprise" that might change my decision at the last minute. I've seen enough "October Surprises" to recognize that many of them are as contrived as a surprise party and no more consequential.

No, I vote on Election Day because that is how American democracy was originally designed. Since the election of George Washington, a single day has been set aside for the election of president and members of Congress. If a single day for voting was good enough in 1789, it should be good enough today.

I don't resent "early voting." In fact, I recognize that all those people standing in line to vote early weeks before Election Day clears away the line for me on Election Day, when I show up around about sunrise and greet a new day and, perhaps, a new era. I should thank all those early voters for getting out of my way so I don't have to stand in line.

Exercise your right to vote. If you haven't voted early, join me next Tuesday on the day our forefathers set aside for this national ritual of democracy.

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